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5 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

5 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat in The Eternal City

Rome is a city full of amazing things to discover. It is also a city that you will soon discover as the summer months are approaching, that gets uncomfortably hot. In recent years, more and more establishments have turned themselves on to air conditioning (literally) but once you step outside and back out into the sun, you will most likely break into a sweat again within seconds. Having survived two summers here already, I put together a list of 5 things I do to beat the summer heat in The Eternal City:

  1. Indoor Tours and Museums – Seeing as Rome is pretty much an outdoor museum, there are a TON of options here. This may be the perfect time for a Vatican Visit, although I am quite certain many people have this same idea, so crowds may be an issue. Instead, I would suggest a tour with an underground component to it, like the Crypt of Capuchins or the Catacombs. It seriously is so much cooler down below ground!
  2. Parks – There are a few beautiful parks in Rome, the most famous one being Borghese Park. Though it’s must-see/visit status, I much prefer the off-the-beaten-path Pamphili Park or the serene oasis found in the Orange Garden on Aventine Hill. Another favorite of mine is the Aqueduct Park. It’s a bit of a trek, but the unprecedented landscape makes it oh so worth it.
  3. Day trips outside of the city – Here are a few, beautiful destinations that, while outside of Rome, are within reach via train. Because they are farther out from the city, temperatures can actually be up to 10 degrees cooler than it is in Rome city center!
    1. Ostia Lido for the beach
    2. Ostia Antica for some Ancient ruins
    3. Tivoli and Hadrian’s Villa, and Villa D’Este
    4. Anzio
    5. Castelli Romani
    6. And if you’re willing to go a little farther, there pick the next (and cheapest) train out to Tuscany, Umbria, Florence, Napoli…or even Pompeii if you have more time! (Trenitalia link)
  4. Swimming Pools - You almost need a secret handshake to find out the coordinates, let alone to gain access to the swimming pools in Rome. Seriously, my Roman-born friend swore me to secrecy, so I promised not to include his favorite swimming pool on this list. But what I can suggest - For €12-16 for the day, head to Piscini delle Rose – one of the cheapest in Rome. There are, of course, other costly options. If you feel like splurging a little, make your way to Parco Dei Principi Grand Hotel & Spa Termini or Radisson Blu Es. Hotel in Termini – for €40 and €45 a day. I haven’t been able to find a free one yet but I will keep looking….
  5. And last but not least, there’s always Gelato