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A weekend in Rome

A weekend in Rome


Rome, the beautiful, bustling Italian city that features flowing fountains and historic sites, is a destination for almost any traveler. While it is nice to be able to spend a week wandering the city and exploring everything it has to offer, we all have busy lives and often can’t spare that much time. So, we have put together a weekend guide for you to follow in order to see all of Rome in less than 36 hours.




4 p.m. Visit the Trevi Fountain


The fountain was constructed in the mid-1700s in the baroque style with the god of the sea, Oceanus, emerging from the pool. It recently underwent and extensive restoration and reopened in 2015. If you are a believer, Roman lore says throwing one, two or three coins into the fountain, with your right hand over your left shoulder, will ensure you will return to Rome, fall in love with an attractive Roman, and marry them. You should add this to your list of things to do at night, when the lights illuminate the fountain.


7 p.m. Dinner at Cesare al Casaletto


Cesare al Casaletto is a must-visit for foodies and travelers alike. The menu features Roman classics with a few twists, such as the pasta alla gricia. The wines are affordable and local and the atmosphere makes for a comfortable dining experience.


9 p.m. Gelato on the Spanish Steps


At the Spanish Steps, visitors can walk the same paths as Balzac and Byron did in the 19th century. During the appropriate seasons, azaleas bloom along the steps, adding to the magic. Some visitors absolutely love visiting the Spanish Steps and others report feeling underwhelmed. This is a wonderful place to take a break and do some people watching. It is also a great place to visit at night, when there are fewer crowds and you can sit on the steps and enjoy a fresh gelato.




9 a.m. The Roman Forum and Palatine Hill


The Roman Forum is an ancient site that was once the center of public and political life in Rome. Now ruins, the site features temples, squares and arches, including the temples of Saturn, Titus and Vesta and the Arch of Severus. The Roman Forum is located next to the Colosseum, and is a must-see for visitors.


Located on the same archaeological site is Palatine Hill, one of the most ancient areas in Rome, standing 40 meters above the Roman forum. While up there, visitors will 

have an awesome view of the entire city. According to mythology, this is the location where Romulus and Remus were found. Entrance tickets to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill also give you entrance to the Colosseum, which is next door. 


11 a.m. The Colosseum


This is an obvious choice and a must-see! The Colosseum was opened in 80 AD and could hold 50,000 spectators for gladiatorial fights. As understandably the most famous site in Rome, it is no surprise there are always long lines and waits to take a tour. You can avoid the long waits with your entrance ticket to the Roman Forum, since is also allows you entrance into the Colosseum. It is highly recommended that you take a tour with a tour guide, as it enhances your experience significantly. We recommend tour guide Alfredo Noya, who is extremely knowledgeable about everything in Rome. The Colosseum is open at 8:30 a.m. and closes between 4:30 and 7 p.m. 


1 p.m. Lunch at Antico Arco


This beautiful restaurant is right between the terrace of Tantanone and the Villa Pamphili public park. It serves contemporary cuisine that highlights seasonal Italian ingredients, such as fried squash blossom and hazelnut lamb. It is unusual in that it is open 365 days a year and does not close between lunch and dinner. 


3 p.m. The Vatican and Sistine Chapel


This highly visited site includes the Vatican, Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo’s famous frescos. With a tour of the Vatican you will also be able to visit the Sistine Chapel, but beware that photography is absolutely not allowed. It is highly recommended that you take a guided tour, such as the Eden Walks Tour Company tours. Tour guide Alfredo Noya is highly knowledgeable about the Vatican and Sistine Chapel. Previous guests on his tours said they were impressed with his ability to discuss paintings, sculptures, tapestries, statues and ceiling art with an educated confidence. Alfredo is also happy to take photos of your tour group as you pass through noteworthy stops, which is not something a lot of tour guides will do!  As with the Colosseum, you should purchase your tickets in advance, as the lines to enter do get very long. It’s also very important to keep in mind that there is a dress code at the Vatican: no short skirts, shorts or bare shoulders. 


Tour guide Alfredo Noya will also take you to St. Peter’s Basilica, which can be found in the center of Vatican City and is well known to visitors as allowing trips up to the dome. When you get up there, you will find stunning panoramic views of Rome. If you would like to catch a glimpse of the Pope, be sure to visit on Wednesdays, when he addresses the crowd in St. Peter’s Square with prayers and songs. 


7 p.m. Trastevere Sunset Food Tour 


Forego the traditional dinner and taste your way around some of the best neighborhoods on this walking food tour. While on the tour you will enjoy authentic Roman delicacies such as baccala fritto and pizza al taglio. This three-hour walking tour with Eden Walks tour company is a must for any foodie. This tour also includes wine tastings (obviously!) and concludes with a Roman feast at a local trattoria and gelato.





10 a.m. Explore the Pantheon


This former Roman temple, built in AD 120, is known for its perfect proportions. This is a perfect destination for a trip on a budget, as it is free to visit. The Piazza della Rotonda, where the Pantheon is located, is also a wonderful place to spend some time, with coffee shops, pizza shops and gelato shops nearby. Built in the 15th century, the Piazza Navona is a square located near the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain. There are usually large numbers of artists and street vendors on site. While there, check out the Fontana del Moro, Fountain of Neptune, Palazzo Braschi and Palazzo Pamphili.


2 p.m. Eden Walks Bike Tours


You walked all day on Saturday, why not bike around on Sunday? Join Eden Walks on an eco-friendly tour around Rome. Your guide will provide you with entertaining and exciting facts of the city as you pass by many landmarks. With an ice cream break in between, this is a unique opportunity to see the Eternal City from a new angle.