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Best Tours of Rome

Best Tours of Rome

Vatican Museums Early Morning Tour
It is one of the best experiences in Rome. You will be able to skip the line by having early access before the general public entrance.

You can admire the works of Botticelli, Michelangelo, and Caravaggio. The visit will end at Saint Peter’s Basilica, with a secret entrance from a door inside the Sistine Chapel.

In Saint Peter’s you can admire Michelangelo’s Pietà, Bernini’s Baldacchino,  Michelangelo’ dome, and the tombs of the popes. 

Colosseum Underground Tours – Skip the Line

This is the most fascinating tour of the Colosseum. You will have access to all levels of the Colosseum, including the Belvedere, the stern, and the arena floor. You will be where the gladiators used to fight war prisoners, you will be near the emperors’ seat. This guided tour will continue to the heart of the ancient Roman Forum, where you will visit Julius Caesar’s tomb, the Senate house, and the most important temples and basilicas from the 1st century AD. 

The Basilica of Saint Clement is a Latin Catholic minor basilica, dedicated to Pope Clement I. It is the perfect example of layers of Roman history. Its basement had briefly served in the 2nd century as a mithraeum; it was also the home of a Roman nobleman, and the lowest levels of the present basilica contain remnants of the foundation of a possibly Republican-era building, that might have been destroyed in the Great Fire of 64 AD. The present basilica was built just before the year 1100. 

The latest works were commissioned by Pope Clement XI. It is a must to explore its beauty with our tour guide, so he can explain the history and secrets of the amazing mosaic works.

Food Tours in Rome 

Check out the most amazing food and wine tasting tour in Rome. You can taste your way in six different places in Rome and visit the most authentic food locations that have run in Italian families for six generations. 

The best Salami Shop like Norcineria Viola in Campo dei Fiori. Ruggeri shop, with one the best cheese stores where you can find the oldest aged Peccorino Romano or Parmigiano Reggiano and mozzarella di bufala. 

The tour continues with filetti di baccalà (fried salt cod filets). This place has been serving typical Roman dishes for 100 years.

. Our favorite spot is Rimessa Roscioli. 

Another family-run business where they have the best wine selection. Here you will have a wine sommelier who will tell you the difference between Chianti Classico and Brunello di Montalcino. Of course, we will have four different kinds of cheese to choose from, you will know which one goes with white wine and which one with Prosecco. 

This place is cozy and has an elegant fast service. 

Pizza La Renella. The best pizza-by-the-slice in Rome. 

This is where we take most tourists, on our tour to taste the thin-crust freshly made pizza. 

Last but not least you will end up at Casa del Supplì. A great spot for suoli rise bolls, that have been very authentic in Rome for the last 80 years. 

Then we will discover the Trastevere neighborhood. 

To dine with the inventors of spaghetti. 

Here you will meet Anna, the owner. She will present you with the best amatriciana and caccio e pepe. These two pasta dishes have been around for two hundred years. 

We will have Roman wine From Castelli Romani.

. Fatamorgana is our last spot to have gelato. Here your guide will tell you the difference between fake gelato and real gelato. 

You will see how fresh are the ingredients that they use every day, with fresh fruits and fresh eggs. 

Everything is super organic. 

The Catacombs of St. Callixtus in Rome 

They were the official cemetery of the Church of Rome in the 3rd century AD. 

Around half a million Christians were buried here, among them many martyrs and 16 popes. 

Appian way. A good way to get out of the city. To explore the ancient Roman tombs from Caecilia Metella to the church of Domine Quo Vadis. 

You will be in the middle of green trees, walking through traditions, art and history, and archaeological sites where the first Christians lived and died. 

Borghese Gallery Tour 

Exploring the second largest museum in Rome. 

Here you need an entire day to visit four floors of art history, paintings, and sculptures. 

From Tiziano to Guido Reni, from Caravaggio to Canova. 

The sculptures of Gian Lorenzo Bernini are here, like Apollo and Daphne. 

The highest renaissance art collection in the world after the Uffizi museums in Florence. 

After you finish visiting the museum don’t forget to discover the Borghese Park at Villa Borghese. 

Walking Tour & Photography 

It is a great way to have your photos taken by professional photographers, showing the best highlights of Rome through art and churches, and the fountains of Rome. You can have some amazing photos taken in the best spots of Rome. A memory that will be make your holiday unforgettable. 

Stop taking selfies with your phone. We take care of you. All you have to do is relax and listen to the secrets of Rome, while our photographer makes you look beautiful in this magical city.