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How to survive heat wave in Rome

How to survive another Lucifer - the infamous heat wave in Rome


It’s no secret that August in Rome can be a bit warm, but with heat wave “Lucifer” that hit parts of Europe not too long ago, many found it difficult to keep cool. The weather seems to have taken a turn for the better but just in case…here are a few tips on how you can survive another Lucifer:

  1. Find shelter in naturally cool sights -  such as Rome’s many churches. Some of which you will find masterpieces from the greatest artists in Italian history. This would also be the ideal time to visit the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica (all indoors) or other sites that are mostly underground and naturally cooler like the Catacombs at San Callixtus.
  2. Set up shop in a café equipped with air conditioning and free Wi-Fi. You can spend the entire day enjoying some coffee, reading, or just people watching. But make sure to do your research beforehand.
  3. Enjoy some cool treats – granita, gelato – or if you can’t decide between the two…both!
  4. Take a train ride outside the city. Travel to the nearby towns of Castelli Romani and Ostia – or even Florence. The possibilities are endless with Rome’s central location. 
  5. Wait for the sun to go down before you explore. Wander on your own or take a guided tour…like Eden Walks’ Rome at Sunset http://edenwalks.com/EN/services/rome-tours/squares-of-rome/rome-tour-at-sunset-4993