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Skip the Line at the Colosseum Without RomaPass

Perhaps, you have heard that RomaPass. It used to be useful to skip the long lines at the Colosseum. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work now. Recently, the law on Colosseum has changed. They now give you time ticket on RomaPass in which, you have to wait as long as 40 minutes to an hour at the security line.

In short, you cannot use RomaPass as it used to be. Worry not, there are still ways to skip the lines without RomaPass. In this article, we will tell you how!

#1 Leave large backpack and luggage at hotel

There is always long lines through the Colosseum every day. However, it happens due to the security check that have been introduced lately. Now, everyone has to go through a metal detector passing luggage scan. According to officials, they already ban larger bags to enter and sadly, there is no place in the Colosseum to store your bags. Make sure you leave them in hotel or your apartment. #2 Buy tickets on the Palatine or the Roman Forum

In case you do not have a plan in advance, and have not purchased tickets online, you can skip the line by purchasing your tickets at the Roman Forum or the Palatine Hill. They are close to the Colosseum. For your information, all these three sites are using the same ticket. The ticket is valid for two days so you can return to see all three sites later on.

The tickets line on the Forum and Palatine Hill are way shorter compared in Colosseum. This will shorten the time you need to get Colosseum ticket and you do not need to spend the whole morning in the security line like we’ve mentioned above.

#3 Take a tour group of the Colosseum

Some experienced tour groups always have pre-booked tickets. It will pass you directly to the group entrance, which is better than waiting on long individual entrance. Taking a tour really helps to visit Colosseum. You will also get guarantee access to areas such as the underground, 4th, as well as 5th level. It is way better than the entry ticket to the Colosseum for general admission.

#4 Buy the tickets at night

Even before the gates officially open in the morning, you still can see the lines to the colosseum. These people actually pre-book the tickets so they have the ticket available in advance. Buying tickets at night will allow you to stand the lines with no crowds and lower temperature.

#5 *BEST ALTERATIVE* - Buy a Small Group Tour

I highly recommend you to buy a small group tour. Therefore, you don’t have to stay in line at all because reputable agents buy time tickets in advance. Then, you can get in with the privileged entrance by passing the lines. You can also learn so much about Ancient Rome history without getting lost in the palatine hill. Recommended!

Note: For safety reasons, the officials only allow 3,000 people to be inside the Colosseum. It means, you may still have to wait a little even if you have booked tickets.

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