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September in Rome


September in Rome

Sad summer is over?

Don’t be! September in Rome is one of my favorite times to visit. 

Watch the city come back to life after the August lull. You can start smelling the fall crisp in the air during the morning and evenings but beware – during the day can still be summer-hot.

Even though this summer rush has died down, don’t be fooled. The first half of September is still considered to be high season in Rome, so you’ll need to book your accommodations and tour activities in advance. But you can still find some good deals, if you keep an eye out. 

Reasons I love September in Rome:

  1. The restaurants slowly start to reopen. I cannot tell you the consistent disappointment in finding most of my go-to establishments during the summer. More and more restaurants remain open the month of August compared to a few years ago, however the majority still keep with the traditional closures. 
  2. The countless “closed for Ferie” signs start disappearing from shop windows. And thank goodness for that…I have been on my last pair of monthly contacts for the past two months!
  3. The temperatures cool down significantly – especially at night. So, if you’re like me, your appetite will be back in full swing. 
  4. Also because of the milder evening temperatures, September is an ideal month for al fresco dining. Stay tuned for some of my favorite spots in next week’s post. 
  5. It is ideal weather for an evening passeggiata. Which ties in nicely with #3 and #4. 
  6. You can still catch the end of some outdoor events around Rome. Most outdoor movies and concerts wrap up their schedules the beginning of September. 
  7. Soccer season official kicks off August 20th. So, if you’re in the city, you should definitely check out a live match at Stadio Olimpico. Whichever team you decide to route for I guarantee - you will NOT have experienced anything like this before!
  8. Amazing foods are in season…tomatoes, peaches, plums, pears, peppers, eggplant to name a few. And September is also the height of fig season so be on the lookout for some innovative dishes incorporating this delicious fruit. 
  9. September also marks the beginning of Harvest Season here in Italy. While the wines may not be drinkable for a few months still, there are various feasts and celebrations that are dedicated to the grape beforehand. The most famous is Sagra dell’Uva di Marino, that takes place the end of the month in the outskirts of Rome. 
  10. And speaking of seasons…gelato season is all-year round in Rome. So, if you haven’t had your fill during the summer months, it’s never too late here!