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Street Food in Rome

Street Food in Rome

Street Food in Rome:

You can probably find street food in every culture, city and country around the world. But the street food scene in Rome is unlike any other. It’s practically another cuisine altogether- traditional yet unique and incredibly delicious.

Pizza al Taglia – (Pizza by the slice) was born in Rome. Rectangularly shaped, cut according to your appetite and priced by weight. How you choose to eat it is up to you. If you want it onsite, they’ll cut your pizza in fours and serve it to you on a tray. But if you’d rather take-away (porta via) it will be cut in half, folded like a panino and wrapped with wax paper so can enjoy it mess-free and on the go.


Don’t get this confused with the arancino of Sicily. Although there are quite a few similarities, the suppli is originally Roman, smaller in shape with slightly different ingredients. This fried rice ball looks like a potato croquet on the outside but inside you will find rice soaked in red meat sauce and a little further in…a ball of melted mozzarella. Hence the name suppli – Italian for surprise!


This modern street food has quickly become one of Rome’s staples. Invented in 2008 by pizza maker Stefano Callegari, the Trapizzino combines old world recipes with a new format – by stuffing pizza dough with traditional Roman comfort food turned delicacies. Recipes range from the familiar meatball, eggplant parmigiana, and chicken cacciatore to Coda alla Vaccinara (oxtail), Trippa alla Romana (intestines) and Lingua in Salsa Verde (tongue) for the more adventurous eaters. But whichever one you try is guaranteed to be delicious.

Hungry yet? If you’re planning to come to Rome, be sure to book a food tour with Eden Walks that covers all of this and more!