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About Rome

Visit the ancient Rome

This must-see tour by Eden Walks covers all the essential sites and symbols of Ancient Rome.

It all begins with one of the most recognizable monuments and best-preserved ruins in all the world – the Colosseum. Formally known as the Flavian Amphitheater, our guide will take you through the long history of this impressive structure. From the very beginning of its construction in AD 72, how it only took 8 years to build (thanks to the advanced architecture and engineering of the Romans), the famous violent battles that took place in the arena where Gladiators fought for their freedom during the Vespasian dynasty, and the many stories in between.

This outdoor walking tour continues to the Ancient Roman Forum. During the height of the Roman empire, this was the center of civilization and daily life - where people met for business, religion, politics, shopping and socialization. This was also where one of the most famous speeches in history was made by Marc Antony.

Walk amongst what remains of the Forum of Guilio and Augustus, the Temple of Vesta, Saturn and Castro, the Basilica of Guilia and Amelia, the Via Sacra, and the tomb where Julius Caesar’s body now rests. Our guide will bring these ruins back to life as they describe the incredible history of this ancient civilization.

Last, but not least on this sightseeing tour is Palatine Hill. Founded in 753 BC, this was where the first houses in Rome sprouted, after which the first palace was constructed and later on, where the Popes chose to rebuild their homes.

This 2 ½ hour private tour covers the rich history and most amazing period of Rome.