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About Rome

Why I love Italy

For example, the Roman Empire is responsible for many of the modern-day developments and inventions in architecture. From arches and aqueducts, grid-based cities, sewers and sanitation to the roads and highways that we know of today. Leonardo DaVinci’s outrageous inventions (at least for that time) are still considered to be some of the most progressive in history. And then there’s Guglielmo Marconi, inventor and electrical engineer best known for his work on long-distance radio transmission.


But much like the pasta aisle at an Italian supermarket, the list goes on and on…




Astronomer, physicist, engineer, philosopher, and mathematician, Galileo Galilei, also referred to as the “father of science”.

The poet Trilussa whose works were written entirely in Roman dialect and Dante Alighieri in which the national Italian language was modeled after.

Diplomat, politician, historian, philosopher, writer, and humanist Machiavelli.

Engineer and Noble Prize winner Marconi.

Merchant turned explorer Marco Polo.

Christopher Columbus, who bridged the Old World to the New World, initiating a blending of cultures as a result.

America Vespucci for which the United States of America was named after.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em – Garibaldi and Vittorio Emanuele, responsible for the unification of Italy and whose names you will quite literally see on streets and squares throughout Italy.

Caruso, Pavarotti, Bocelli, Verdi, and Puccini - the most renown and revered names that are synonymous with opera still.

The fastest, most luxurious car brands in the world – Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini.

The biggest names in fashion- Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Valentino, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, and Armani.

One of the most influential filmmakers of the 20th century, Federico Fellini.


We won’t even mention the incredible world of Italian food and wines but…pizza was actually born here! We’ll just leave it at that….


Italians were pioneers who made major contributions to all aspects and areas of life. And can be often found at the top of nearly every category. Engineering, exploring, inventing, painting, singing and cooking –they did it all. And you can find evidence of this everywhere you travel in Italy. From Rome to Naples, the ruins of Pompeii and the picturesque Amalfi Coast and Tuscany, the exotic islands of Sicily and Sardinia to the chic Milan, Lake Como and every inch in between.


So when you’re in Italy, we know you must see those great masterpieces - Raphael’s Rooms at the Vatican Museums, DaVinci’s Last Supper, Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel and the David in Florence. But if you find the time to go a little deeper , you’ll discover there is SO much more to this amazing country. So much that’s just below the surface and yet to uncover.


It’s no wonder I love Italy so much.