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All The Secrets About Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain
started in 1732 after many changes and plans for it they finally completed it 1762 what is more scenic and important of this fountain is the water the comes from the virgo aquedoct, the beginning of the foutain why it turn to everyone destination is not only that fact that a group of young people in the late 1800 hundtrit decided to to throw a coin in the fountain as ancient Roman tradition some storytelling say that the Roman legionary before going in the military campaings they would throw a coin in probably another fountain close by to come back alive in Rome
but they are another 3/4 different theories about it , one of the is the american movie shoot in Rome in 1954 three coins in the foutain or the other theory the legend says that tossing one coin means you will return to Rome tossing a second you will return and fall in love in Rome using the right hand from left shoulder in the high season this fountain makes around 3000 euros per day and the money goes to the charity thats what really matters.
in 2014 is was done the first restorartion by the fashion brand Fendi and of course they had to organise the best running show with models walking throw this glass that was put on the top fountain which it looked amazing a lot of celebratis came for this important event.
why this is the most important and romantic fountain of Italy the end baroque art mixed with Rococo' stile or the impressive oceans good that is i the center of the fountain or the statues of the side depicting salubrity or abundance or maybe the stores on the top of the fountain showing the General Marco Agrippa showing the acquadoct Acqua Virgo getting build in that period , i thing is the great architect that had this genius idea Nicola Salvi that designed the trevi fountain to be scenic extravagant almost like theatre show that those statues are the acting a scene and the water is the main character of this beautiful performace which this was the main kea of what baroque art represent, what we know is that this was love by everyone from the 1762 it was also mention by the famous german archeologist around later 1900 centuary Wolfgang Helbig which had a great inspiration of those great evenings that he spend in Rome with his friends,

Why was called the Trevi Fountain? The old volgar language was Treio or trivio which was in the centre of three streets even during the 1410 The Pope Nicolo V give the project to another great atchictect Called Leon Battista Alberti that he designed with three fountain tubs that all three of them wore facing in different directions,

the Popes that worked in this fountains wore Nicolo V Urban the 8th Inocenzo XIII Pope Cemente XI Inocenzo 13th Benedetto XIV Clemente XII the last Pope that saw it completed was Pope Clemente XIII the 22 may on sunday of 1762

if all these Popes wore involeved on this project it had to be the best fountain in

the world

Famos singers like Jhon Bon Jovi made his music video there Thank you for loving me another important movies and commercilas wore shoot there it because one most important meeting poit to take photos Tossing the coin inside

there was also a creative futuristic Artist or a Lunetic called Grazioano Cecchini in 2017 painted the fouitan with red colour then he was arrested by locale police

top reasons to visit the Trevi Foutain today
1 to throw the coin to come back to Rome
2 to see the amazing architecture of Bernini and Nicola Salvi
3 to visit the Virgin Water
4 for an photoshoot
5 to propose your girlfriend because is one of the most romantic places in the would
6 to book a guided tour and know all these stores from the period of Marco Agrippa until the Dolce Vita movie Anita Ecberg and Marcello Mastroiani all those famous love storys like the Roman holiday with Audrey hupburn wore shoot in the same foutain so its a most to visit the fountain when in Rome