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Capitoline Museum Guided Tour

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Tour overview

Capitoline Museum

Discover the first public museum in the world, commissioned by Sixtus IV. This masterpiece of a museum has a vast collection of bronze and marble statues from the ancient Hellenistic period all the way to the Classical period. This includes the original statue of the she-wolf with Romulo and Remo, the first Roman kings, which dates from 500 BCE. Inside you can admire the statue of Marcus Aurelius on his horse, of which there is also a copy outside in the square of Capitoline Hill. In ancient times, this was the temple dedicated to the 3 major gods worshiped by the Romans: Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva, who each had a central place in the Roman religion.

Where we will be

At Capitoline Hill we will visit the Tabularium, the senatorial palace where the temple of Divo Tito is located. Its construction began in 78 BCE after it was commissioned by the Roman dictator Sulla, and Quinto Lutazio Catulo was responsible for the later part of the work. It replaced older construction which unfortunately was burned down in 83 BCE. According to historians, the building was used for administration and to archive important documents of the Roman state, written on bronze tabulae or tablets, from which the building takes its name.

What’s included

We will go through the Lapidary Gallery and see the Capitoline Venus; the head of Constantine; the Dying Gaul; the large statue of the ocean god Marforio; the famous Mosaic of Doves by the artist Sosos; an amazing marble relief, the Tabula Iliaca; another beautiful relief from the Arch di Portogallo, the Apopheosis of Sabina; a relief from the ancient triumphal monument of Marco Aurelio; the bust of Medusa sculpted by Bernini; triumphal elief of consoles; and the mosaic of a tiger attacking a calf. At the end, the tour guide will top off the visit by showing you the stunning painting done by Rubens depicting Romulo and Remo, as well as Guido Reni with his gorgeous Saint Sebastian. The last artwork will be our favorite artist Caravaggio depicting La Buona Ventura.

What to expect

3 hours of learning about the Roman world from ancient times through the Renaissance and Baroque periods. This will be an entertaining guided tour full of humor and storytelling that will make your holiday magic. You will learn a lot about Roman art and history with a classic touch and a modern twist.

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