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Guided Tour of The Pantheon

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Guided Tour of The Pantheon

will show the best preserved monument in Rome this private tour will tell the history of 2000 years form the beginning of the General Marcus Agrippa that commissioned but the first pantheon was burned down that year was facing north, . Hadrian rebuild it in 2nd century ad and Pagan temple to ll goods
this the only building in Rome that has a church inside the temple, you will notice all the other churches and other buildings in the World are inspired by it

in this guide tour you will get some fascinating facts about the whole on the top of pantheon is open what was originally used for who are the important people that are buried inside and much more

we will go through the the only original doors in Rome from 18 century the shape of this unique architeture and the concrete that Romans had inveted this building was to worship the gods it was about the divine, the use of the colours and stones inside is impressive, but the most excited space inside called the oculus which has an amazing light coming through in the 12 noon how it lines up with floor, the surprise comes when we are going to wards the lift side of the building is buried Rapael Sanzio, keep in mind that sometimes they do the mass inside and we have to be very quite inside the Pantheon as still today is considered a church called Santa ad Martyrs, what you would love in this guided tour is to hear what happens during the festivity of the christian holiday of Pentacost celebrated 50th day on easter sunday 5th of june you will have the greatest show ever appearing from the whole in the sky but we can't tell you exactly what it is until you book this guided tour our guide will show also a brief video of one minute a t the end of the tour

you can admire the columns that came from Egypt 16 monolitc then in the front of the pantheon you have and original obelisc decorating the beautiful piazza della rotunda which was commissioned by the pope Clement 11th by a student of Micheangelo Giacomo della Porta on the right side of the square you have one the best salami shop in to tie a quick bite after the tour or maybe sit for a coffee in some of the supper expansive bars and restaurants of Rome

but the view here in the front of it is gourges to end this tour with great rase our guide will walk you the best Gelato in rome called Giolitti third always a line but worthy it staying in line for once you try their Gelato you can tell the difference from a true gelato and fake gelato, we highly recommend to see the pantheon also from the back because is is has a different prospective, and of course stop in the most famous tea store in Rome the most unique flavours ever,
And unforgettable journey in the pantheon with the guides of eden walks we skip the line use headsets that way you get to here the guide while your are taking photos around the pantheon discover every secret of the Pantheon that will last forever.

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