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The Accademia Gallery Guided Tour

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The Accademia Gallery Guided Tour

The Accademia Gallery is an art museum that owns art from the 1300s–1600s. The Gallery was founded by Pietro Leopoldo, Grand Duke of Tuscany.

Here you will see the unique style of art invented by Michelangelo, called “unfinished art,” which he used in his famous Prisoners statues. Originally, they were supposed to be displayed in Rome at the tomb of Pope Julian II. Now you can admire them in the second gallery on the left side of the museum. At each side of the gallery you will find the Prisoners, and at the end of the gallery stands the great masterpiece, the statue of David also sculpted by Michelangelo, which is one of the most viewed sights for tourists when they travel to Florence. Everyone should see the beauty that began as a block of marble sculpted by many different artists 40 years before Michelangelo. In the end though, it was destined to be like the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican—only Michelangelo was able to do it so well.

The artist took this project on at a young age, and he worked on it for three years. When it was completed, the statue of David turned out to be like a warrior of the Republic of Florence, so 40 of the most influential artists—men like Botticelli, da Vinci, and Filippo Lippi—recommended that the statue should be placed in the Piazza della Signoria as a defender from the Medici Family, who had taken Florence many times and run it by their own laws. At this time however, Florence was a Republic, and with Michelangelo’s David, the Florentine people felt much stronger. It sat outside in the piazza until 1873, when the Accademia Gallery was built and it finally got the chance to be inside, where it could be better protected from rain and vandalism. During World War II, David had to be covered completely under a mountains of bricks in order to stay safe, and a lot of other works of art were taken to the private villa of Ugo Procacci somewhere in Tuscany. He was the director of the Accademia Gallery, and by hiding them, he saved these masterpieces.

Join us in this private tour of the Accademia Gallery museum. Here you will visit some of the most important works of Michelangelo, including his Prisoners statues and the most famous statue of the Renaissance, David, sculpted in 1501.

At the Gallery, you will find work from the greatest artists ever to have lived, from Botticelli to Ghirlandaio, Orcgania, Alessandro Allori and Pontormo. This includes the best of the great Italian painters who changed the world of art forever.

Here you’ll also get to see the amazing statue The Rape of the Sabines by Giambologna, which is made as a plaster cast. If you want to see the beautiful marble sculpture, you will have to go to Piazza della Signoria under Loggia del Lanzi.

During this 2-hour guided tour, our guide will take you through the story of each painting and statue. They will explain the differences to you in detail, as well as what the art meant to the Medici family and the nobility of Florence, who had commissioned the best artists of the Renaissance to create their portraits as propaganda or a form of art. We will cover your ticket and fees, and you can skip all the lines and enjoy your time at the Accademia Gallery in the most intimate setting.

Uffizi Museum Guided Tour

Join us in this amazing private tour of one the best museums in Florence! Immerse yourself in the art of the Renaissance, get to know the Medici family and how they ruled Florence for 300 years, and visit some of the most beautiful paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, and Filippo Lippi, as well as Botticelli's famous Birth of Venus.

To understand this museum, first you will need to know who Lorenzo de Medici was and what he did for the Renaissance.

In this guided tour you will discover the best works of Giotto, Cimabue, Lorenzo Monaco, Masaccio, Botticelli, Ghirlandaio, and Tiziano. You will also see Michelangelo’s painting on canvas depicting the sacred family, Mary, Jesus and Joseph; four masterpieces made by Leonardo da Vinci; and to end in beauty, the paintings of Caravaggio: Medusa, the Sacrifice of Isaac, and the Sick Bacchus.

Next we will visit some of the most important statues of ancient Rome. You can see them close up, but you’re not allowed to go inside the room because of the precious mosaics on the floor. Another venue not to be missed is the statue of Laocoon and His Sons, sculpted by Baccio Bandinelli, whose inspiration came from the original statue of Laocoon at the Vatican Museums in Rome.

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at the entrance of the accademia museums the guide will hold the sighn of eden walks

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