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The Etruscan Necropolis Tour

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Tour overview

The Etruscan Necropolises at Cerveteri and Tarquinia

What we will do

On this tour, we will show you one of the largest and most important cemeteries of the Etruscans, built starting in the 9th century BC. This area is breathtaking. The Etruscans created thousands of tombs here, of which 6,000 are carved into the rock and 200 have been preserved with their original painted walls. The cemetery near Cerveteri is known as the Necropolis of Banditaccia, where numerous tumuli or burial mounds were also found. Many inscriptions in Etruscan were discovered inside, and some of the tombs are interestingly built in the shape of houses. This incredible location is 46 km from Rome, so the best way to take this private tour is to hire a private driver. That way, you can sit back and relax while we take care of everything.

Where we will be

The Necropolises at Cerveteri and Tarquinia, where we will explore a number of tombs, including some that date from 9 BC and others from 8 BC. The tour guide will describe the first excavation that was done during the 1800s and bring you back in time with fascinating stories from the period of the great Etruscan civilization – the ancestors of the Romans, from whom descended the last three kings of Rome, Tarquinio Prisco, Servio Tullio, and Tarquinio il Superbo.

What's included

The Tomb of the Capitelli; the Tomb of Funerary Beds; the Tomb of Greek Vases; the Tomb of the Bells; the Tomb of the Reliefs; the Tomb of the Frame; the Tomb in the Shape of a House; the Tomb of the Shields and Chairs; the Tomb of 5 Chairs; the Tomb of Alcova; the Tomb of Dolii; Tumulo Maroi; Tumulo Policromo; Tumulo Mengarelli.

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What to expect

3 hours of an exceptional guided tour, visiting this open-air museum to learn about a great culture, the Etruscans. From their unique history, the Romans learned how to create the aqueducts, the arches and streets of Rome, and the height of the jewelry which we see in our museums today. These creations are sophisticated even after 3,000 years. Sadly, the Etruscans didn't leave much of their alphabet, though a few inscriptions can be found here and there throughout the tombs.

Duration of the guided tour

2.5 hours. We will take you on a fascinating journey outside of Rome, where you will be awed and astonished by some of the most important tombs of antiquity.

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