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The Jewish Catacombs Tour

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The Vigna Rondanini Catacombs

Join our private guided tours at the Jewish Catacombs of Vigna Rondanini. This incredible location dates back from the 2nd to the 3rd century AD. Some of these hypogea used be pagan tombs, which were much later reused to incorporate the shapes of niches and cubicles. Within were discovered about 200 Latin and Greek inscriptions, as well as symbols like palms or menorah, which show what happened after the diaspora of the Jews. While getting ready to visit the impressive Jewish catacombs, you will walk along the Appian Way (Via Appia Antica), one of the oldest streets in Rome, as well as Via Appia Pignatelli where you will find an extension of the most important catacombs in Rome. Christian catacombs are located in the same area.

The catacombs were discovered in 1859 as old pagan buildings and only later reconstructed and recovered to be used as catacombs. The galleries are large and 10 meters below the ground. For many years, all valuables, jewelry and everything else was stolen from inside, and during the World War II era people used the rooms as a place for hiding.

Inside, you will find amazing decorations and a statue of Nike, the goddess of victory, who holds a branch of palm in her right hand and one of laurel in the other. This is still preserved after 18 centuries. You will get the chance to learn about the small community of Jews in Rome: where they lived, how they prayed and where they were buried. Experience the immense beauty of their art, tombs and sarcophagi, and the unforgettable memory of those who were not allowed to be buried inside the city of Rome, because Romans buried their families outside the city gates. Today we still have most of the Appian Way with important tombs like that of Cecilia Metela and the Catacombs of San Sebastian, San Callistos, and Pretestato.

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